Renewing Club Registration

Fees ($45.00):

Fees are not automated as of yet. Clubs that are renewing will be sent a renewal message to the existing club information email address on file.

New Club Registration

Fees ($45.00):
New clubs need to complete the Club Registration Form and fill out required information by clicking “sign” in the top right hand of the document. Save the form to your computer, print the form and submit to the MSO Registrar with payment.

Club Swimmer Fees ($35.00):

Each club is responsible for appointing a club registrar who will collect all individual swimmer information and fees using an  online registration system Masters Registration Sign In.   Using the system the club registrar will submit required information and submit fees using Paypal, cheques or money order.  The club registrar will print off an invoice and send this confirmation of payment to the MSO Registrar.

Clubs or club registrars that have any questions about using the system can send email to the registrar

Club Registration Download Form Link: Club Registration Form


For further information    Please refer to MSO/MSC Fee Structure Update 2015

These fees are due and payable in September each year.

In cooperation with Master Swimming Canada, there is an online registration system designed for Club Registrars to send in fees for their club and swimmers.

Where do my fees go?

The distribution of fees are as follows:

Of the $35.00 registration fee paid by each swimmer, $2 goes to Swim Ontario and $23 will be going to MSC for the 2013-14 year. $10.00 is used by MSO to administer and promote Masters Swimming in Ontario, to arrange for adequate insurance for all registered participants. Here is the distribution of an individual fee:

Masters Swimming Ontaro:$10
Masters Swimming Canada: $21
Swim Ontario: $2
SNC: $2
Total: $35

There is an additional $15.00 paid by an Unattached Swimmer (a swimmer not registered with a Member Club) to cover the additional required administration, including the mailing of all correspondence and Board minutes. A swimmer registered with a Member Club may also receive all correspondence and Board minutes by paying the additional $15.00.

Information concerning registration and annual fees can be obtained from the Registrar.