How to Join

Masters Swimming is not all about competition. It is a means to stay active, recreate, and enjoy new and life-long friendships.

Masters Swimming Ontario is a provincial organization for adult swimmers. We are a group that advocates for swim fitness, clubs and swim meets in Ontario. We work with our national and provincial partners to promote adult swimming in Canada.

In Canada, any person 18 years of age or older, with no upper age limit, can participate in Masters Swimming. There are more than 6,000 Masters Swimmers in Canada with more than 2,700 in Ontario.


Unattached Swimmers

If you are training on your own but would like to attend swim meets, you can still register with MSO. Your swimmer registration number is required for any sanctioned swim meet.

Unattached swimmers are members of a provincial club called The Ontario Masters Swimmers (TOMS). Please use this club name and club code when registering for any swimming event.

Register and pay via PayPal   OR

Print out the registration form and send it to the MSO Registrar with your $10 annual registration fee (valid September 1 to August 31st each year).  There is no discount for part-year registration.

Local Swim Clubs

Swim clubs provide organized training programs for recreational and competitive swimmers. You can meet people, learn swim technique and improve your fitness. MSO provides insurance and swim meet management for local clubs. If you are looking for a fun group to swim with check out the Swim Clubs Location page.  Information is provided on pool locations, swim times, and club contact emails. You can contact the club registrar or show up at the pool! There are Masters’ Clubs throughout many neighbourhoods in Ontario

The Activities of a Masters Swim Club

Individual clubs decide what to offer, and individual members can choose to participate in any or all activity. Clubs often offer:

  • Access to a pool by being part of a group
  • General fitness through a regular swimming regimen
  • Concentrated training to become faster/fitter
  • Opportunities to increase swimming distance and stamina
  • Regular work-outs
  • Coaching and stroke improvement
  • Weight training
  • Flexibility exercising
  • Swim meets
  • Swim clinics
  • Team spirit
  • Club newsletter
  • Club socials
  • Triathlon support


See you in the pool!