MSC Swim Challenges

Masters Swimming Canada Challenges 2016

The Million Metre Challenge is a Masters Swimming Canada program designed to promote swimming for health and fitness. The program encourages regular participation through tracking of cumulative distance swum and recognition as the swimmer reaches various milestones. Learn more at
The Check Off Challenge is just that: make your way through the complete list of 18 stroke and distance combinations and keep your workouts and meets fresh. Each stroke and distance combination offers its own unique challenges, technique variations and pacing strategies, so you can push yourself beyond the simple 'further and faster' routine.
For many of our members, the 1km Challenge is a great place to start. The goal is to complete a continuous 1km pool swim using any stroke, pull or kick.


To join any of these challenges, create a MSC web account. Please note: Creating a web site account does not make you a member of Masters Swimming Canada, you must be a member of Masters’ Swimming Ontario either through your club or as an unaffiliated swimmer. (For more information on joining, begin here.)