2017-12-20 MSO Developing a Distance Tracking Function

December 20, 2017

In the Q&As attached to our August 17, 2017 Notice, MSO stated that it would look at developing a tracking tool similar to the Million Metre Challenge and allow participants to transfer their metres from other system. This work has been accelerated.

On December 8, 2017 without prior notice, MSC placed all of its participation programs, including the Million Metre Challenge, behind a Swim Canada sign-in.

The Million Metre Challenge has a solid history in Ontario; a history outlined in the attached document. The tracking tool was initially offered free of charge to MSC members and non-members alike, although only MSC members received recognition awards (i.e., caps, pins etc.). Eligibility for these programs appears to have changed several times since then.

In light of the December 8th developments, MSO has accelerated development of an online tracking function consistent with the original intents of the program. MSO will provide an update early in the new year.