2018 Provincials Update – Entry deadline March 16th

February 24, 2018

Meet Entries via the MSO Registration System

To enter Provincials swimmers must sign into the MSO Registration system at https://ms.mastersswimmingontario.ca/web/logon/memberLogon.php.

  • Your email address is your userID. If you are not sure what email has been entered, please ask your Club Registrar or the MSO Registrar at MSOReg@MastersSwimmingOntario.ca
    • An “initial password” is required on the first sign-in and each time your email address is changed. Click on “SET UP INITIAL PASSWORD
    • If you are still having difficulty after reading the “How to Sign-in”, please contact the MSO Registrar.

Relay Entries

All relays are entered by a person who is on the club Coaches List.  The club Registrar needs to ensure that the designated “coach” is on the list (remember there is no MSO fee for coach registrations).

1500/800 events

This year swimmers may swim either the 1500 Free or the 800 Free but not both. In deciding on an order of events, meet management seeks to balance swimmer interest with the demands for pool time, officials and the volunteers needed to run the meet.  Many strategies have been tried to manage these two events e.g., two per lane, entry limits, proof of time, etc.  One country eliminated the 1500 altogether.

This year’s order of events was used successfully by another province and it was proposed by meet management for 2018 Ontario Provincials. The proposal did not conflict with the rules nor impact swimmer safety. It was respectful of swimmers and the demands put on officials and volunteers.  The proposal was thus accepted and the order of events was sanctioned.

We have received lots of feedback on this decision and will take it into consideration as we plan for 2019.

Officials needed

It takes many officials and volunteers to run a championship swim meet. Senior officials, stroke and turn judges, timers all make it possible for swimmers to reach their goals through competition.  If you can volunteer your time please contact the meet manager.  The Ontario Masters Swimming Championship is a three day double ended meet.  The meet managers (meetmgr@nmsc.org) will need lots of bodies to make the meet run well. Please don’t wait until the last minute.  Volunteer today!

 MEGAMetre Tracker

If you are transferring metres from another system, please remember to transfer the number of workouts as well.  There are some odd numbers in the system right now.