2019-2020 Registration Open – MSO Concussion Awareness

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It is time to register for the 2019-2020 season

Clubs received their Start Up information in mid-August.  If your club president has changed or you have not yet received your club Start Up email, please contact the MSO Registrar.

It is also time for independent swimmer with TOMS to renew their membership. MSO’s “How to Join” provides all the information for Self-Registration.


Concussion Awareness – know the signs – know your legal obligations

Do you know the signs of a concussion?  Would you know how to help yourself or a fellow swimmer? Do you know the Return to Sport/Work Protocol?

On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport.  The Law applies to Masters Swimming Ontario because our membership includes swimmers under 26 years of age.

Under Rowan’s Law, swimmers under 26 years, coaches and officials must complete a confirmation that they have reviewed Concussion Awareness Resources available on the Government of Ontario’s website.  Clubs are required to declare that they have the collection of these confirmations incorporated into their registration process.

While this law requires action by some, MSO encourages all members to increase their concussion awareness by reviewing the available resources.

Consult MSO’s Concussion Safety page. Know your obligations!


MSO – Steady as we go!

Over the summer, Ontario swimmers have received emails from Swim Canada (SNC), Swim Ontario (SO) and from Masters Swimming Canada (MSC). These arose because of a conflict between MSC and SNC.  MSO and its operations are not impact because we have operated independently of both organizations since 2017.

MSO members have asked if they are required to register with any of these organizations.

Your decision to register with SNC/SO depends on your competitive swimming goals. For example, a swimmer wishing to attend a non-MSO meet, e.g., FINA World Masters, UANA-Brazil, needs to register with SNC or another FINA federation like USMS.  This is explained in our Q&As.

Until now, swimmers registered with SNC/SO were also members of MSC; they had a blended membership fee. However, on May 31st, SNC unilaterally ended its relationship with MSC and announced that they would no longer collect their fees.  MSC is no longer relevant to competition.  Therefore, a decision to register with MSC is now solely based on your assessment of the value of any services they may offer.

For the past two seasons, MSO offered some 14 sanctioned events, including a MSO Provincial Championship that welcomed over 450 swimmers.  Our program is as large as that in any other Province.  Instead of exclusionary rules, MSO welcomes ANY swimmer of masters age. In close collaboration with Christian Berger, MSO houses the most comprehensive set of current and historical swimming statistics in Canada.

And all of MSO’s services are provided at the reasonable annual fee of just $12 per swimmer.


The 2019-2020 Meet Schedule is Growing – Mark your calendars

MSO is at work with club hosts on this season’s meet schedule. The following are now on the meet calendar with several still in the workshop.

October 20th – 3rd MSO Symposium – McMaster University

November 10th – 2nd Annual Fast and Furious – Guelph; it was fantastic last year; not to be missed!!

November 16th – 7th Annual Willy Lee Charity Meet – Ottawa; with all proceeds go to Lee family’s charity of choice, the Aquatics Programming, Carlingwood YMCA

December 1st  – Technosport Mini Meet – Ottawa

December 8th  – 4th Red vs Blue Challenge – Nepean

January 19th – 45th Anniversary Alderwood Meet (SCY) – Alderwood hosted the first every Ontario Championship.  This meet is now 45 years young and still going – hold the date.

February 2nd – Technosport Mini Meet – Ottawa

March 1st – Technosport Mini Meet – Ottawa

March 27-29 – MSO Provincial Championship – NEPEAN – save the date!!!