CIMS Club Registration and Fees

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Canadian Independent Masters Swimming  is partnered with MSO and is using MSO’s office systems to provide program, registration and administrative services to clubs OUTSIDE OF ONTARIO.   Masters Swimming Manitoba (MSM) has affiliated with CIMS and has blended its fees with CIMS.


New Club Registration (Fee: $45; Manitoba $10)

CIMS clubs use the CIMS Club Registration Form and submit it to the MSO Registrar.


Club Swimmer Fees ($15.00;  Manitoba $18.00):

All swimmers pay $15.00 to CIMS/MSO.

The club registrar will collect all individual swimmer information and fees. Using the CIMS-MSO Online Registration System, the registrar can register returning swimmers or add new swimmers to the database. The system also has a transfer function for swimmers who were previously registered with another club. Please verify whether your “new swimmer” already exists in the database.

The following forms must be completed by all swimmers, coaches, staff and volunteers.  These must be retained by the club and made available upon request.  Clubs using  online registration,  must retain a copy of the waiver and evidence of an electronic signature.


All Participants

    1. Liability Waiver (updated for COVID-19)  forms are required from all swimmers and coaches as a condition of insurance. These must be retained by the club and made available in the event that an insurance claim is made. If your club does not currently use a Liability Waiver, please use the model Waiver form provided above.
    2. COVID-19 Attestation and Agreement
    3. Consent to collect personal information. This consent meets the requirements of the Canadian Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act.


Coaches Registration (Fee: ZERO)

  • There are no fees for coaches.  However for insurance purposes, clubs must add them to the club’s Coaches register and obtain waivers as above.  Any coaches who also swim, must also be a registered swimmer.
  • Returning Coaches must be “re-activated” every year.
  • For swim meets, only a coach or a designated “relay entry” person listed in the Coaches Register is able to enter relays. This is very important for Provincials.


Concussion Safety (Required in Ontario – Recommended for all other provinces)

On July 1, 2019, new Ontario rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport.  The Law applies to Masters Swimming Ontario because the membership includes swimmers under 26 years of age.  While the Law does not apply to other provinces, it is strongly recommended that all swimmers, coaches and officials review the information and become concussion aware.  Information may be found on MSO’s page at 


Payment Methods

There are 3 ways to pay your invoice.

  1. PayPal – Built into the CIMS-MSO Registration System.

Your invoice will be marked paid immediately.  PayPal offers a credit card option.

  1. Interac e-transfer via email to

Your invoice will be marked paid when e-transfer is deposited; please note the invoice number in the comments section.

  1. Cheque mailed to Box 11352, STATION H Nepean, ON K2H 7V1

Your invoice will be marked paid when the cheque is received and deposited. Please include a copy of the invoice and indicate the invoice number on the cheque.


Clubs or club registrars that have any questions about using the system can send email to the registrar

These fees are due and payable in September each year.  They are non-refundable and they are not prorated for partial year registration.

Where do my fees go?

100% of the club and swimmer fee is used to administer and promote masters swimming, to arrange for adequate insurance for all registered participants. Information concerning registration and annual fees can be obtained from the Registrar.  Please feel free to consult the MSO’s financial statements on the website