Canadian Independent Masters

MSO is hosting Canadian Independent Masters Swimming (CIMS) while it grows.

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Canadian Independent Masters Swimming is a group of experienced leaders who have been involved in the governance and administration of masters swimming for many years.


CIMS came together following the Swim Canada (SC) letter of May 29, 2019 announcing its intent to take full control of our sport. The timing, just 3 days after Masters Swimming Canada’s (MSC) national event, prevented discussion amongst the 750+ masters participants about its implications. The letter simply dismisses MSC and promises to replace it with a staff position sometime in September 2019.


On June 25, 2019 CIMS invited all Canadian masters clubs and swimmers to come together to rebuild a national organization independent of Swim Canada; an organization focused solely on masters and run by masters.


Our group has reached out to MSC several times. If any of the MSC leadership is willing to work with us to establish a truly independent national Masters organization, we welcome them to join in our efforts.


These webpages provide background to the events during the summer of 2019 and provides information on registering with CIMS.