COVID-19 – Resources and Return to Swimming Guidance

This page provides links to information to help clubs and swimmers manage through the current COVID-19 Pandemic.  The resources apply to Canadian Independent Masters Swimmers (CIMS), Masters Swimming Manitoba (MSM) and Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO).


Return to Swimming Guidance – Clubs

2021-10-30 – EMERGING FROM COVID-19 – A Guide for a Club’s Safe Return to Swimming (UPDATED OCTOBER 30, 2021)

2021-10-25 – Plan to Safely Reopen Ontario – October 25, 2021

2021-07-20 – Return to Swimming – Step 3 Ontario Roadmap

2021-06-21 – Summer 2021 Step 2 Ontario Roadmap

2020-09-15 – EMERGING FROM COVID-19 LOCKDOWN – A Guide for a Club’s Safe Return to Swimming (UPDATED SEPTEMBER 15, 2020)


Forms and Declarations

Waivers for all participants (CIMS, MSO & MSM) 

Waivers are required from all swimmers and coaches as a condition of insurance. These must be retained by the club and made available in the event that an insurance claim is made. If your club does not currently use a Liability Waiver, please use the model Waiver form provided above.

Swimmers self-registering via the How to Join page, agree to these waivers via the registration process. They are held by the MSO Registrar

      1. Participant Liability Waiver
      2. COVID-19 Attestation and Agreement Updated August 11, 2021)
      3. PIPEDA waiver (CIMS, MSO  & MSM)


Club Forms

      1. Positive COVID-19 Test ReportingForm (2020-08-24)
      2. Rowan’s Law (Concusion Safety) – Swimmer and Coaches submit Confirmation forms to the club.  Self-registrants submit to


Training Resources

Popular  websites offering dry-land fitness and training for swimmers.  Some continue to circulate through Facebook groups.  We offer of few of these links as information only.  Use at your discretion AND within your physical abilities.


US Masters Swimming – some resources may require USMS membership

My Swim Pro – Verify if free dry land workouts are still being offered.

Swimming Specific Yoga

Nordic Walking – Engage the shoulders, arms, back and core while walking. Start gradually. It is not was easy as you might think.  Check out common mistakes on YouTube.