Open Water Guidance – now available as final

PDF Version


On May 18th, a newsletter was sent to all registered swimmers. The primary purpose of that communication was to highlight the dangers of early season Open Water Swimming (OWS). Indeed, we are all anxious to find an opportunity to get wet, and the lure of OWS is much stronger this year.

The OWS Guidance has been jointly developed by Canadian Independent Masters Swimming (CIMS), Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) and Masters Swimming Manitoba (MSM).  Clubs offering OWS training under the corporation’s insurance policy are expected to adhere to the guidelines.

Swimmers choosing OWS independently of a club setting may use the document as a resource. However, MSO does not have oversight for individual training activities outside the club setting and, as such, MSO insurance does not apply to these activities.

The document was first published on May 22nd as a draft for a comment period ending June 1st, 2020.  MSO thanks all those who provide comments. They are now reflected in the document.

If you have additional comments, please send the to