Early Season News – Meets, AGM and New Program!

October 25, 2018                                        Click here for PDF Version

To date we have welcomed close to 2,000 swimmers and 49 clubs to MSO. Some clubs are still getting organized but our registration continues to track ahead of this time last year.  MSO’s new Challenge Circuit aims to engage all swimmers and all clubs during this new swimming season. Read on….

All Fall Events/Meets are open for registration

There are a few events coming quickly.  We encourage all swimmers to support them.  The hosts have been working hard to prepare and every one of them is aimed at having fun.

October 28th – MSO Symposium – A Swim Clinic with former Olympian Tera Van Beilen – McMaster University in Hamilton –  only days away. Deadline extended to noon October 27th. Deck Entries thereafter. Don’t miss out on this one. Register online or Contact B_Carey@MastersSwimmingOntario.ca

November 11th – Fast and Furious Swim Meet – NEW HOST Guelph Marlins – Guelph  – EARLY BIRD fees end October 28th – why pay more?

November 17th – Willy Lee Charity meet – Ottawa – a very popular meet in Ottawa. There is a limit of 130 swimmers. Register online at MSO.

December 2nd – TECH Time Trial – Ottawa

December 9th – 3rd Red vs Blue Meet – Nepean FOLLOWED BY THE MSO AGM

December 15th – North York Gators Pentathlon – Markham; very popular in the GTA.


Annual General Meeting – save the date

Please join us for MSO’s AGM on December 9, 2018 at the Nepean Sportsplex in Ottawa.

The meeting will take place immediately following the Nepean Red vs Blue meet.

Formal notice will be sent out separately.  All MSO members are encouraged to attend. As per MSO Bylaws, only clubs in good standing with MSO have voting rights.

A Town Hall Meeting is also being planned during Provincials March 22-24, 2019.

MSO is a volunteer organization and needs the help of committed people. Please consider submitting your candidacy for a Board position or volunteering your time to make this organization run.  We are always looking for creative people with good technical skills in WORD PRESS (website!), Sharepoint and Office 365.  Please contact MSOReg@MastersSwimmingOntario.ca and volunteer today.


Preserving Masters Swimming History – Ontario and beyond

MSO has learned that the links to Christian Berger’s records and Top 10 statistics are removed from the MSC website.  Statsman Christian Berger has been compiling Canadian masters swimming stats since 1985 and his historical records go back to 1973!  He is the authoritative source of masters swimming statistics in Canada and is well known and respected in his home Province of Quebec, across Canada and abroad. MSO is now the ONLY public source of Berger’s swimming stats and we are committed to preserving access to his eclectic holdings. Click here to be launched into something quite spectacular!

As an organization committed to openness and transparency, MSO publishes all Board meeting minutes, AGM reports, financial statements swimming results. We are also committed to preserving and recovering, where necessary, masters swimming history.  Our Website may need a bit of tender loving care, but it worth exploring.


Important Changes to Diving Rules for Competition and Training

In our October 16th Fall Update, Clubs were informed of updated diving rules. Masters swimming rules have always been closely aligned with Swim Canada Rules and MSO will continue to do so. While we finish updating the MSO Rules of Competition, including the Facilities Guidelines, clubs are directed to the Swim Canada statements and communications.


*** NEW MSO Program – add spice to your Practice ***

In our October 16th Fall Update, Clubs were introduced to MSO’s newest Program initiative.  The MSO Challenge Circuit.

 The Challenge Circuit is aimed at:

  1. Engaging all clubs in healthy competition regardless of club size and location;
  2. Providing all swimmers an opportunity to learn how to race every event in a comfortable and familiar venue;
  3. Having fun!!!!!

How do we engage ALL clubs and ALL swimmers?

The MSO Challenge Circuit features timed swims under meet conditions during normal club practice time. It offers the competitive experience to ALL MSO swimmers wherever the club may be located. No meet fees – No travel needed.  And YES, the results will count and will be ranked. They will be uploaded to the MSO database as results are submitted over the course of each Challenge Period.

There are three Challenge Periods of three months each. Together these periods will target all 18 competition events. There will also be optional events in each period to encourage participation of all club swimmers.

The Rules – there are always Rules!  Read the rules on the Challenge Circuit webpage


Challenge Periods and Events

MSO Challenge Circuit #1: November 1-January 30

Target Events: 400 FR / 200 FL / 200 BK / 100 FR / 50 BK / 50 BR

Optional Events: 100 IM / 50 FR / 50 FL / 25 FR / 25BK / 25 BR / 25 FL

Results Submission Deadline: January 30


MSO Challenge Circuit #2: February 1-April 30

Target Events: 1500 FR / 200 IM / 200 BR / 100 IM / 100 BK / 50 FL

Optional Events: 100 FR / 50 FR / 50BK / 50 BR / 25 FR / 25BK / 25 BR / 25 FL

Results Submission Deadline: April 30


MSO Challenge Circuit #3: May 1-July 30

Target Events: 800 FR / 400 IM / 200 FR / 100 FL / 100 BR / 50 FR

Optional Events: 100 BK / 100 IM / 50 FL / 50BK / 50 BR / 25 FR / 25BK / 25 BR / 25 FL

Results Submission Deadline: July 30


This is the first time MSO is offering the Circuit Challenge. Feedback received during the first Circuit may be used to adjust the 2nd and 3rd Challenge Circuits.


Please contact    Andrea Smith at      A_Smith@MastersSwimmingOntario.ca or at   MSOMeets@MastersSwimmingOntario.ca