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Clarification:  “FINA approval logos” on swimwear for sanctioned Masters Competition

Masters Swimming Canada has been asked to clarify whether or not the “FINA approval logo” is required on swimwear in sanctioned competition.  Questions are often related to the 2014 FINA Masters Championships in Montreal next summer.

Masters swimmers, coaches and officials are reminded that, with the exception of Worlds, the MSC Rule Book applies to all Masters competition in Canada. The 2014 FINA Masters Championships will come under FINA Masters Swimming Rules. MSC Rules are consistent with FINA’s rules, so that world records set at a sanctioned masters meet in Canada, under MSC Rules, are recognized by FINA.

On the question of swimwear and the “FINA approval logo”, the rules of MSC and FINA Masters are the same; neither requires the display of the “FINA approval logo.”  Please refer to MSC Rules CMGR 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 that deal with swimwear.

The display of the “FINA approval logo” is not sufficient to assure compliance of the swimwear rules.  There are suits approved by FINA several years ago which bear the “FINA approval logo” but which are no longer in compliance because of body coverage or material.

You are also reminded that the MSC’s temporary exemption on the ARENA POWERSKIN CARBON-PRO SUIT expired July 15, 2013.




Fina Swimsuit Rules

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