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August 20, 2019


Dear Canadian Masters Clubs and Swimmers,


The summer has progressed at a furious pace and there is still much uncertainty about MSC’s intent and ability to continue. CIMS has reached out to MSC several times but there has been no response.


Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) has operated independently since September 2017 and has just launched its registration for the 2019-2020 season. For the last two years, MSO has offered a full slate of high quality, sanctioned meets including a provincial championship. There were more events in Ontario than any other province last year and MSO clubs have started posting their events on the MSO Meet Schedule again this year.


For the 2019-2020 season, CIMS is partnering with MSO and using its back office systems to support any club or individual in Canada who wishes to join us. This partnership allows CIMS to launch now at minimal cost and to grow into an independent national body for Masters Swimming in Canada; an organization focused solely on masters and run by masters.


We now have the ability to register clubs and swimmers, to sanction swim meets and open water events across all of Canada. Furthermore, we can provide insurance for clubs, individuals and events across all of Canada. CIMS is truly open to all.


Through MSO, we offer an operations-ready swim program starting on September 1 2019.  That includes:


  1. Club and Swimmer Registration – an easy to use system with payment options and financial reporting, all linked with easy to use meet entry features;
  2. Insurance – a nation-wide insurance program for CIMS-affiliated clubs, their swimmers, coaches and volunteers;
  3. Workout tracking system – Swimmers may transfer their metres from other tracking systems; and
  4. Online swim meet sanctioning for pool and OWS events. Swimmer entry and payment system that verifies membership and produces a Meet Manager-ready file; meet managers will love this feature. And for the larger meets, a relay entry system that assists coaches in selecting the best club relays; coaches love this feature.


How to Register


CIMS-specific information has been added to the registration information on the MSO website.


For Club Registration go to CIMS Club Registration and Fees and download the CIMS-specific Club Application Form and the required Waivers.


For Swimmer Self-Registration go to How to Join


Please refer to our July 14, 2019 Questions and Answers for more information. For a full description of the MSO program and system benefits, please contact us at


Andrea Schwartz-Smith

Ian Feldman