Important Update: Registration for 2017 FINA World Masters Championship – Budapest

MSO is getting feedback that Ontario Masters Swimming Clubs are not listed in the FINA’s registration forms. The Swimming Canada Competitive Masters (SCCM) appears to be your only option. This is the “club” that was created by Swim Canada for Ontario swimmers wishing to compete outside of Ontario, in particular FINA and MSC’s Canadian Masters Swimming Championship.

While there is an option to manually enter clubs not currently listed, we have had no feedback that this has been successful.

At this time MSO recommends that Ontario swimmers wishing to compete at FINA do the following:

* Register with the SCCM

* Select ONLY the $2 option.

    • o MSO membership + the $2 SCCM allows you to swim anywhere in the world


    o SCCM only ($30) is not needed for MSO members.

* Not already registered with MSO? This option does NOT allow you to swim in Ontario. So don’t choose it!

When registering for FINA 2017 (Budapest) use the SCCM as your club / club code. Your MSO number is your “Masters Licence”. If FINA asks you to upload a copy of your club registration, use whatever SCCM sent you when you paid your $2.  No longer active link

Clubs wishing to enter CLUB relays

* Ensure that all your club swimmers are registered with MSO and SCCM. Simply enter your team as one of the SCCM relay teams

Clubs without sufficient numbers for club relays

* In August 2016 MSO sent out a call for swimmers wishing to swim on TOMS relays

* These relays will also be entered under the SCCM club code.

Everyone, please contact Chris Smith so that he can coordinate the SCCM team and assist with getting the relays entered. It is important for him to know who is going with what club.

Following FINA, the results will be loaded into the MSC results database. MSO understands that the intent is to manually load these results under your club name or under TOMS. A club relay must have all four swimmers registered with the club in the MSO/MSC Registration system (be it TOMS or NYG or TECH or whatever). If necessary a swimmer transfer should be effected before leaving for FINA (but after nationals).

Questions? Contact both

Brigitte Zirger

Chris Smith at

FINAL NOTE – for nationals

MSC requires that annual swimmer registrations be in order before you may enter the meet (i.e., MSO fees are fully paid). If your swimmer profile does not show you “registered” contact your club registrar for follow up.

Also, the Nationals registration is not allowing you to change clubs at the time of meet entry. Contact the club you intend to swim for at Nationals and request them to effect a swimmer transfer.