July Newsletter – 2020 Virtual OWS Challenge & COVID-19 Update

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  1. COVID Update
  2. CIMS-MSO-MSM Virtual Open Water Challenge – 2020


  1. COVID-19 Update

Cities are slowly re-opening pools and clubs are trickling back.  But the re-opening is uneven and much depends on policies and timetables determined by facility owners, e.g., cities, boards of education and privately owned venues.

In June, all Club Presidents and Club Contacts received our Return to Swimming Guidance. Pool sessions will look different as we return. Restrictions on numbers will impact costs and clubs will need to be innovative in their approaches.

Clubs have heavy responsibilities in planning a safe return to operations within new restrictions and costs.

Swimmers have responsibilities too!  Continue to follow Public Health advice for distancing, washing hands, staying home when sick and wearing a mask.  Adhere to new club/pool processes. They are intended to keep you safe.  To keep our pools and clubs open, we must all stay the course.

Let your club know how you are doing, your concerns and your readiness to return.


  1. 2020 Virtual Open Water Swimming Challenge

The lakes and rivers have warmed up. Many swimmers have looked to OWS for training and to feel the water around them.  So now there is also a goal and a challenge.

Timelines: Registration is NOW OPEN.

Register for the Virtual OWS Challenge by August 16th.  Complete your and report swim by August 31st.

Distances: 1.5 km / 3 km / 5 km / 10km   (wetsuit or no-wetsuit)

You may do any and all swim distances.  The 10 km event is intended for experienced OWS swimmers. Please swim within your abilities and with proper safety support!   Swimmers are encouraged to read the OWS Guidance.

Awards: All swimmers will receive a bag “brag” tag.  Swimmers completing 3 out of the 4 distances will be recognized as an “OWS Loonie”.


See all the details on the event listing. Enter by signing into your MSO  account at https://ms.mastersswimmingontario.ca 

If you are having any difficulty entering, email the MSO Registrar at MSOReg@MastersSwimmingOntario.ca


Keep Swimming and Stay Safe