Major Changes For Masters Swimmers for 2016-2017 Season

August 16, 2016


As the summer draws to a close, Masters swimmers and clubs look forward to a new swimming season starting in September. This notice is to bring your attention to two very important matters from the MSO board.

First, all club administrators or registrars should immediately ensure that their club is registered as an MSO member club for the coming season, using the online registration system at Once your swimmers start to return or new members join, please register your swimmers promptly. The new swimming season begins September 1st (not January 1st) and in order to ensure that your swimmers and coaches are covered by our MSO insurance, they need to be registered as MSO members.  If you have any difficulties with online registration, we can help out. Please send an email to the registrar at describing the assistance you need.

Second, the Annual General Meeting of MSO members and clubs will be held on October 16th, 2016 at 1 p.m. in the Varsity Room of the Holiday Inn Yorkville, located at 280 Bloor St W, Toronto.

This meeting will be far more important than any AGM we have held in years. Just in the last few months, it has been made clear to us that Swim Ontario and Swim Canada intend to make fundamental changes to the way MSO has always operated.  Many of the services and operations traditionally handled by MSO entirely on its own will soon be required to be integrated into and directed by Swim Ontario. For example, Masters meet sanctioning will now be directed and controlled by Swim Ontario. We have also been told that our swimmer/club registration system must be synchronized with that of Swim Canada. Attached is a copy of a letter just recently issued by Swim Canada to Swim Ontario describing the process to implement these changes in MSO operations. The 2016-17 year is described as a “transition year” during which all changes are required to be implemented. It is clear that once all these changes are implemented, there will be a significant reduction in the extent to which MSO and its clubs can govern their own policies and operations. This impacts both competitive and non-competitive swimmers.

Considering the significance of these changes to MSO, many MSO clubs and swimmers will naturally have questions about the implications. The MSO board urges as many clubs and swimmers as possible to attend the meeting on October 16th. We will discuss these issues there and try to respond, if we can, to questions raised.

Finally, many of the current members of the MSO board will be retiring from the board at this meeting.  Their fixed board terms are expiring and/or they are retiring after many years on the board. If you and your club want to have a say in the future direction of MSO, this is your opportunity. The new board will be elected at the AGM. The incoming new board members will determine how MSO evolves to serve our swimmers and clubs in the coming years. Please complete the attached Nomination / Consent to Serve Form found in the 2016 AGM documents, and submit them to the MSO secretary at


Attachments In PDF

SNC Letter dated August 8, 2016
MSO’s Summary
Nomination / Consent to Serve Form

2016-08-16 AGM Pre-Notification PDF


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  1. michael curley says:

    Hello there .I used to swim competitively back in Ireland . Im now 39 and living in Toronto . I hear that I can register and then compete on my own? And not have to be with a club? Can you give me a call or a confirmation email . Thanks very much . Michael …. 6478535430.

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