Membership Year and Registration 2016-2017

July 26, 2016

To: Ontario Masters Swimming Clubs

Membership Year and Registration 2016-2017

The 2015-2016 membership year ends on August 31st and the new 2016-2017 year starts on September 1st 2016.

Please ensure that your club information is updated in the MSO Registration System and that your club membership fees are paid by September 1st.

As you register your swimmers, please upload the required information promptly so that their MSO membership is properly activated.

In the past, paper transactions and manual systems led to MSO giving a grace period for registration that extended to December 31st.  This erroneously led to the impression that MSO maintained a 15-month membership year.  Clubs thus worked to complete their work to what they viewed was a December registration deadline.

It is vital that the Masters registration process in Ontario be timely and brought into line with other provinces, which also work on a September-August membership year.

  • MSO insurance covers only registered Masters swimmers and clubs. If your club depends on MSO’s insurance for its operations your coverage during the former “grace period” is uncertain.
  • As MSO moves to using the new registration system for all sanctioned meets, swimmers’ meet applications will be rejected if not properly registered with MSO.
  • The 2016 Canadian OWS Championship is planned for September 10th, 2016. Please ensure that your club members intending to participate are properly registered with MSO for the 2016-2017 season.

As MSO works with its insurance provider to renew coverage for the 2016-2017 season, we will be clarifying any outstanding questions and communicate them to you as needed.

Registration and Insurance coverage are critical parts of masters swimming operations in Ontario.  Please work with us as we bring more rigor to the processes that support them.

2016 07 26 registration notice

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  1. David Godkin says:

    I am interested in competitive swimming for seniors. Can you tell me if you have a program like this, please? Details?

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