MSO May 2020 Update – OWS Spring Safety

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May 18, 2020  (Happy Victoria Day!)


In this ISSUE

  1. Open Water Swimming – Safety First
  2. COVID-19 Update


  1. Open Water Swimming – Safety First!

We are all anxious to get back into the water after weeks away, and the lure of open water (OWS) is strong.

While the open water season is coming, all swimmers, experienced and new, need to use caution when considering an open water swim. The conditions are still dangerous.  The water temperature is cold even with a wetsuit. The rivers are still swollen and the currents are strong. It is too easy to get into a dangerous situation.

Consider joining a club experienced in offering OWS programs rather than venturing out on your own, especially early in the season.  In all cases, local, provincial and federal requirements for OWS and for COVID-19 need to be respected.

We are currently working on open water guidelines both for individual swimmers and for clubs considering an OWS offering this year.  The draft OWS Guidance will be posted on Coaching page in the coming days.


  1. COVID-19 Update

We have been monitoring the return to pool policies and discussions in other countries; the most recent guideline issued by USA Swimming. Swim Canada has also announced a “return to pool” committee.

MSO and CIMS Facebook Groups continue to be busy with updates. Swimmers are also sharing their stay-in-shape strategies. MSO has provided links to a number of articles and resources on a  COVID‑19 page.

Please read all articles within the context of Canadian and local Public Health direction, and keep your dry-land training within your physical abilities.

We encourage clubs to stay current on local public health restrictions and start considering how to deliver their program once the pools are reopened. Stay in touch with your swimmers and encourage them as best you can.


Stay in shape and stay safe.