New Board of Directors

Master Swimming Ontario held its Annual General Meeting on November 19, 2017. The draft minutes will be posted in the coming weeks. Your new Board of Directors for 2017-2018 is as follows:

President: Brigitte Zirger
Vice-President: Jake Nesovic
Secretary: Andrea Smith
Treasurer: Beth Carey
Competition Chair: Mike Sweny
Director at Large: Sue Weir

In September 2017, MSO moved forward as an independent organization offering a program that is inclusive and respectful of all adult swimmers, including those swimmers from clubs that have affiliated only with Swim Ontario. Our independence is not by choice. Some 2,200 swimmers and 56 clubs have now supported MSO’s vision for masters swimming. We want to thank you for your support of MSO during this challenging, but exciting season.

Our first priority is to provide a solid 2017-2018 season for Ontario swimmers. So far, we have an excellent competitive season underway, including MSO-sanctioned Provincial Championships in Nepean on March 23-25, 2018. We have expanded services with a symposium / competition clinic and we welcome opportunities for further expansion.

Our next priority will be to again seek a pathway to provide those swimmers wishing to compete outside of Ontario or in events within the FINA system with a reasonable means to do so.

MSO sees its role as encouraging and supporting MSO member clubs that put in hundreds of volunteer hours for the benefit of Ontario adult swimmers. MSO has begun modernizing and streamlining administrative services but more work is needed. MSO’s club affiliation requirements reflect the nature of master swimming and provide stability for current clubs. More importantly they allow easy entry for the new clubs that will ensure renewal and growth for the future.

If we are to preserve the future of Masters swimming in Ontario, swimmers need MSO as an organization that is solely focused on adult fitness and fun through swimming at reasonable costs and with reasonable requirements for its members.

We welcome and thank those individuals who have contributed their time and ideas for the future. We invite them to join the Board or contribute to a Committee, and work diligently with us as we continue to strengthen our programs and administration while seeking the resolutions that our adult swimming community wants.

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