Notice to Clubs – COVID-19 – Updated DECEMBER 31st

Emailed to MSO Club Presidents, Contacts and Registrars on December 17, 2021



COVID-19 Update

After a promising fall session, the COVID-19 situation is rapidly deteriorating. The Omicron variant has become the dominant strain with lightning speed.

Given the age range of our membership, clubs may want to consider a circuit breaker over the Christmas period even in advance of anything mandated by local public health units or the province.

UPDATED:  Please monitor provincial NEWS ROOOM and local public health orders This page also provides a link to steps regarding What to do if exposed.


50th Anniversary Celebrations

In spite of current COVID-19 challenges we will continue to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Masters Swimming however we can.

In November and December, over 1,830 key chains were sent to clubs for distribution and to independent swimmers.  The logo was designed by Cajsa Holgersson as part of the campaign developed by Laura Rogers. It celebrates our sport and not any organization or structure.



Swim Meet Update

BTRAIN Swimming managed to squeak-in a meet before the Omicron explosion.  It was well organized and safely run, with swimmers and officials closely adhering to the masking and traffic-flow protocols set out by the organizers.  We feel that it serves as an example for upcoming meets.  There are a couple of dates on the Swim Meet Schedule. We will continue to work with host clubs in planning the events but we are very conscious that there are many uncertainties as we go into the New Year.


Best wishes for the Holiday Season.  Take care of yourselves.


MSO Board of Directors.