Notice to Clubs – Ontario Reopening January 31st

This notice was emailed to Club Contacts, Presidents & Registrars on January 26, 2022

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Ontario’s Plan to Safely Reopen

 On Monday, January 31, 2022, pools will begin a phased approach to reopening.

As before, your facility will provide details on COVID protocols and use requirements. These may be more stringent than MSO and/or the province. We expect difference between facilities to continue.

MSO is not specifying lane limits nor lane formats.

    • Pools differ in size and clubs are best able to judge how to organize the lane for a safe and effective practice.
    • Club demographics differ and along with it, their members’ risk tolerance.

For Phase 1 (until February 21st), clubs are asked to re-introduce in-pool distancing during stops & rest periods, splitting swimmers between the two ends if necessary. This measure may be removed when the Province moves to Phase 2.

Diligent masking is required.  Swimmers may remove masks at their lane, just prior to entering the pool and must put them on immediately exiting the water.  Encourage swimmers to shower at home, if possible.


COVID Screening and Isolation protocols have changed

    • Clubs should update their Self-assessment questionnaires to reflect new provincial version(s)
    • Provide your swimmers and coaches with information about What to do if exposed.
    • Clubs should continue to report COVID exposures to MSO. MSO does not request personal details.

Please monitor provincial NEWS ROOOM and local public health orders

If you are unsure about the protocols, please contact


Swim Meets

BTRAIN’s “Shake the Dust Off” meet on December 12th in Ottawa was our first meet since February 2020.  We are hopeful that the multi-day 50th Anniversary Celebration (championship) meet on the weekend of June 10-12 will proceed. Save the date as we work out the details.

In the meantime, please watch the Meet Schedule  for updates.

Note that the MEGAMetre Tracker and Not-Quite-Nationals virtual pool challenge continue.


50th Anniversary Celebrations

Over 1,830 50th Anniversary key chains were sent out to clubs before Christmas.  We hope that there were opportunities to distribute them to swimmers before the lock down.  The logo was designed by Cajsa Holgersson as part of the campaign developed by Laura Rogers. It celebrates our sport and not any organization or structure.

MSO will get another batch of keychains to clubs in February/March.