Notice to Clubs – Ontario’s Updated Plan to Safely Reopen

This Notice was sent to Club Contacts, Presidents and Registrars by email February 24, 2022

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As of March 1st, new Provincial public health and workplace safety measures are expected to come into effect.

    • capacity limits lifted in all indoor public settings
    • proof of vaccination requirements lifted, with businesses being allowed to implement them voluntarily
    • other protective measures, such as mask/face covering requirements and active/passive screening of patrons, will be in place
    • public health units can deploy local and regional responses based on local health indicators

These changes impact MSO’s Notice to Clubs dated January 26, 2022 only as it pertains to proof of vaccinations.

Vaccinations (including boosters), proper use of masks and distancing continue to be best practices that protect us and others.

MSO urges club executives to consult with their members and set a club vaccination policy.

Facilitates may set COVID protocols and vaccine mandates that are more stringent than those of the province and / or MSO.  We expect difference between facilities to continue.


Below are the Unchanged Elements of MSO’s January 26, 2022 Notice to Clubs

MSO is not specifying lane limits nor lane formats.

      • Pools differ in size and clubs are best able to judge how to organize the lane for a safe and effective practice.
      • Club demographics differ and along with it, their members’ risk tolerance.

Diligent masking is required.  Swimmers may remove masks at their lane, just prior to entering the pool and must put them on immediately exiting the water.  Encourage swimmers to shower at home, if possible.

 COVID Screening and Isolation protocols have changed

If you are unsure about the protocols, please contact