Notice to Clubs Preparation for 2017 World-level Competitions

Notice to Clubs Preparation for 2017 World-level Competitions

There will be two major World-level Masters competitions in 2017. The World Masters Games in Auckland are April 21-30, and the FINA World Masters Championships in Budapest in August.

Some members of your club may be planning to attend one or both of these events. If your club is planning to enter these events, including relays, under your club banner we encourage you to do so. However, if your numbers are insufficient to provide interested swimmers an opportunity to compete on relays, TOMS – The Ontario Masters SwimClub can provide that.

TOMS was formed in 2002 to increase the social experiences at these events and to provide relay opportunities where there are insufficient numbers under the local club banner. MSO’s communications and planning for these events have meant that swimmers know who else is going and have allowed get-togethers during the event, regardless of their team banner.

Registration for World Masters Games has opened and we expect FINA registration to open soon. Ideally swimmers should decide on the club they will swim for at Worlds BEFORE they formally register, be it their home club or TOMS. Once registered, it would be preferable if they did not attempt to switch club affiliation, they cannot change clubs once registration closes.

Swimmers wishing to swim with TOMS will need to transfer their affiliation for the duration of the World event. The transfer should take place prior to leaving for the World event so that they can still swim for your club at local meets, including Nationals. Swimmers will need to make their wishes known to the MSO Liaison and their club registrar, to process the transfer in the MSO Registration System. Once transferred, both the verification of MSO/MSC membership and the on-line membership card (currently in development) will reflect this.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Smith, or 416 444-1885, who is currently acting as MSO Liaison for TOMS and those attending these events. He will keep a list of any clubs and swimmers intending to go to these events, consider opportunities to coordinate social opportunities during the event. For those planning to swim under the TOMS banner, he will coordinate TOMS relays.

2 comments on “Notice to Clubs Preparation for 2017 World-level Competitions
  1. Robert Milligan says:

    Good morning friends, Rob Milligan here, Orillia Old Poops, I may be interested in attending the Auckland meets as a TOMS Swimmer. Keep in touch

  2. Joe Boutros says:

    I think it is great that clubs with insufficient numbers can still have swimmers compete. I will definitely be passing this information along.

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