NOTICE TO CLUBS – Update on COVID-19 Capacity Limits

Ontario’s Plan to Safely Reopen

As of October 25, 2021 the Province of Ontario lifted the capacity limits for indoor recreational facilities where proof of vaccination is required.  Public Health measures may vary by region if warranted.

MSO is lifting its lane limits and in-pool distancing requirements.  However, clubs should continue to ensure that the number of adults per lane provide a safe and comfortable environment for its members.

Aquatic facilities have started revising their use requirements. They may be more stringent than MSO and/or the province. We expect difference between facilities to continue, e.g., educational institutions have been slower to reopen and adapt to the provincial framework.

Other elements of the Return to Swimming Guidelines remain in place, e.g.,

    • Arrivals / departures and facility use as determined by the facility;
    • Masks are required indoors. Swimmers should remove masks just prior to entering the pool and must put them on immediately exiting the water;
    • Attendance to be taken for each practice to permit contact tracing;
    • COVID screening continues before each practice;
    • Club protocols for a positive test continue.

Please reinforce with your members that the lifting of capacity limits does not mean business as usual. The pandemic is still active. Vaccination reduces the likelihood of transmission and severe illness – it does not eliminate them.

Clubs are requested to report to MSO by email or Google Form the number of swimmers per single or double lane.



All masters clubs’ operations were severely restricted last year due to COVID-19. But there is good news! We are very encouraged that, even though it is still quite early in the year, MSO registrations this year are strong.  Since September we have registered over 1500 swimmers and have nearly 40 clubs. It is still early and many clubs are just starting to relaunch their programs. We expect more growth in registration with the most recent easing of the pool capacity limits.

Thank you to all clubs and swimmers for the hard work you have put in to get your programs relaunched. We at MSO are ready anytime to support clubs and swimmers, whether active yet or not, to get back to swimming. Masters Swimming Ontario is an organization where masters swimmers are our ONLY focus! For fun, fitness, friendship and competition!


New Registration Options

MSO seeks to break down unnecessary barriers to participation whenever possible. We have added a 3rd gender option (Other) to the MSO registration system for swimmers who do not identify as male or female. The gender is no longer displayed in the Swimmer Register.  MSO is reviewing how to accommodate non-binary swimmers in competition. Hytek has sent our request to add the 3rd gender to their development staff and we hope for a positive outcome.


Swim Meets

MSO is working with potential club hosts to organize Masters competition for the season. We have tentative dates for several meets in Ottawa as well as MSO Provincials.  Please watch the Meet Schedule  for updates.


50th Anniversary Celebrations

MSO has ordered 50th Anniversary key chains for every registered swimmer and coach. We intend to mail these to clubs for distribution before the end of November.

A list of registered swimmers / coaches will accompany each package.  Another mailing will take place in the New Year and again in late Spring to include any new swimmers registered.