November 23, 2019 CIMS Update

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November 23, 2019

It is hard to believe that is almost six months since that infamous SNC letter upended the face of Masters Swimming in Canada. It took everyone by surprise and set off confusion and turmoil that will be felt for years.

Through it all, a new national masters organization is emerging; Canadian Independent Masters Swimmers (CIMS). The goal is simple: to keep alive the original spirit and objectives of Masters swimming through a responsive organization run by masters for masters. We aim to be responsive to the needs of our members, Masters swimmers only, recognizing that their needs and interests are generally different from those of children and national elite high-performance swimmers.

CIMS is the vision of a group of longtime supporters of Masters Swimming, including coaches and former Provincial and National board members concerned with the direction of Canadian masters swimming.

As promised, CIMS was fully operational at the start of the 2019-2020 season. We partnered with Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) which is now in its third year of operating independently.

CIMS is pleased that, in this very short period, we have affiliated clubs in B.C, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. We sanctioned and completed our first out-of-Ontario swim meet in New Brunswick and look forward to many more competitions in the future.

To those of you who have already joined, we say thank you. To those who are still unsure, please note that WE ARE HERE TO STAY. The interest from swimmers and clubs has been great, and our membership continues to grow. If you or your club are thinking about us, jump on board, get involved at the grassroots to help shape this new organization as we grow together.

Through our partnership with MSO we are offering a fully insured program that can welcome anyone in Canada.

With MSO’s technical and IT services, CIMS is providing:

  • online club and swimmer registration;
  • the MEGAmetre Tracker which allows swimmers to transfer their metres and workouts from other workout logs;
  • meet sanctioning;
  • online meet registration which reduces the administrative burden on meet managers;
  • Single Event Registration which opens our meets to all masters-aged swimmers regardless of their affiliation;
  • all-Canada records and rankings through the Berger Reports;

Note that our results database will soon be the ONLY comprehensive reflection of current and historical masters swimming in Canada. We have invested to correct data and enhance the records and rankings functionality at the national, provincial and club levels. No other masters results database currently does all this.

All of this is offered at a lower cost to clubs and swimmers than any other swim body in Canada.

As we move forward……

Our first goal is to get membership in all provinces. The interest is there. We have received many emails from clubs across Canada expressing interest in joining. Their concern has often been pressure or threats from established provincial bodies. The answer to that is simple. Join us to assure an alternative.

Over time we have many plans as we continue to develop CIMS:

  • Setting up a board of directors elected by our membership
  • Establishing provincial CIMS bodies giving local representation to clubs and provinces
  • Establishing a CIMS National Swim Meet (2021)
  • Establishing a CIMS Open Water Championship (2021)
  • Setting up resources for coaches, swimmers and officials based on the needs of masters swimmers

We are proud of what we have accomplished in this short time. We also know that there is a lot of work still to be done.

Thank you for your continued support.