RELAYS at 2019 FINA World Masters Championships – Gwangju, Korea

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June 4, 2019


2019 FINA World Masters Championships will be in Gwangju, Korea, with swimming events from August 12 to 18, 2019.


The registration deadline is June 24th (and requires you to take a few steps, such as providing a “passport” photo for accreditation).


John McIntyre, Downtown Swim Club in Toronto, has offered to coordinate the two Canadian relay events, the 4×50 Freestyle and the 4×50 Medley. Contact John at or 647-296-5535.


FINA relays require that all relay swimmers come from the same club.  If you have already registered for FINA you should still be able to change clubs prior to the June24th deadline.


If you are interesting in swimming relays (which are on August 16, 2019), please touch base with John BEFORE you complete your FINA registration.


Also, MSO membership alone is not sufficient for you to go to Korea. You must be registered with Swim Ontario or another province or another FINA federation like USMS.


As in past years, MSO will track the Canadian Top 10 and as many Ontario swims as possible. A summary will be posted daily on the MSO’s Facebook page.


Swim well and have fun!