Return to Swimming – Step 3 Ontario Roadmap – Obsolete

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To: All Clubs


Step 3 Ontario Roadmap

As a reminder, all clubs offering either pool or OWS summer programs prior to August 31st are asked to notify MSO of their return via the following Google Form at


Ontario has entered Step 3 of its Roadmap and we are pleased that the 3m distancing is gone.


While municipalities may implement the Roadmap differently, MSO has adjusted its Step 3 Guidance as follows:


  • Maintain screening, attendance and tracing
  • Maintain arrival and departure protocols as per facility/local requirements
  • Maintain mask usage prior to entering and after leaving the water.
  • Maintain 2m distancing when not swimming; i.e., double-ended home bases continue
  • No requirement for 2m distance WHILE swimming, i.e., allows for single and quasi‑single lane formats.
  • If used, double lane swimming continues to be swum around the perimeter of the double lane.


  • Clubs that were not previously active under COVID restrictions are considered New Returning Clubs and are permitted fewer swimmers per lane for 3 weeks before increasing.


  • All lane limits are subject to provincial and local maximums


Pool New Returning Clubs Experienced Clubs

25 Yards

Up to 4 swimmers / single SCY lane
2 at each endUp to 5 swimmers / double SCY lane
2 at one end; 3 at the other
Up to 5 swimmers / single SCY lane
2 at one end; 3 at the otherUp to 6 swimmers / double SCY lane
3 at each end

25 Metres

Up to 4 swimmers / single SCM lane
2 at each endUp to 6 swimmers / double SCM lane
3 at each end
Up to 6 swimmers / single SCM lane
3 at each endUp to 8 swimmers / double SCM lane
4 at each end

50 Metres

Up to 6 swimmers / single LCM lane
3 at each endUp to 8 swimmers / double LCM lane
4 at each end
Up to 10 swimmers / single LCM lane
5 at each endUp to 12 swimmers / double LCM lane
6 at each end


Clubs are asked to submit their proposed diagrams showing home bases and how swimmers get into motion.  Please send to

MSO will continue to monitor developments and make adjustments as needed.


2021-2022 Start-up and Fees

The new season starts on September 1, 2021. The 2021-2022 affiliation process will open in mid-August. The Start-up Notice will be sent to all club presidents and will outline any updates to the Return to Swimming guidance, forms and waivers. Please make sure your club executive is current in the MSO database.


The Club Affiliation fee will remain at $45 per year.  The swimmer registration fee will be $15 per year.


50th Anniversary

Last week, we launched the celebration of 50 years of masters swimming in Canada. If you did not receive the email, a copy is on the MSO website. The activities this summer are intended to assist clubs in generating some excitement for the new season and the return to swimming.  Please encourage your club to participate.


2021 Virtual OWS Challenge

The Virtual OWS Challenge is open for registration. The meet package provides all the details. Please encourage your OW Swimmer to review the OWS guidance on the MSO website and join the fun.


2020-2021 Not-Quite-Nationals Virtual Pool Challenge

The Pool Challenge will continue through the summer. The details are posted on the MSO website.