Starting a Masters Swim Club

Can’t find a club in your area? Make the club you want to see and help other masters swimmers too. It’s easy and MSO will provide the support and experience you need.

  1. Visit nearby pools, particularly when there is adult or lap swimming, to discern any interest in forming a Masters club.
  2. Post notices of the intention to form a Masters swim club in pools, shopping malls, sports facilities, community halls, apartment buildings or anywhere that is appropriate.
  3. Contact triathlon organizations for prospective members.
  4. Advertise in community newspapers.
  5. Extol the benefits of Masters Swimming: fitness, fun and friendship. MSO registration fees are very low.
  6. Ask other Masters swim clubs how they got started. Invite another club’s members to a meeting. Lists of local clubs can be obtained from the MSO Registrar. An MSO Board member would be pleased to address a group and explain the benefits of Masters Swimming and how to get started.
  7. Form an organizing committee from the interested people contacted and choose a name for the swim club. Decide on membership fees, coach’s remuneration, number of weekly workouts and starting time and length of each workout. Decide on goals such as whether to host a swim meet or publish a club newsletter or hold social activities. Decide on what equipment is necessary, such as pace clocks, kick boards, pull-buoys, hand paddles, stopwatches, lap counters and a club banner.
  8. Register your club. If a Masters swim club depends ENTIRELY on MSO’s insurance policy to cover its activities, swimmers and coaches, then the Masters swim club MUST be registered/affiliated with MSO and EVERY swimmer and coach in that swim club MUST be registered with MSO. The club executive must also be listed in the MSO database.  Remember: “Registration before participation.”
  9. To become registered with MSO, contact the Registrar:

Updated August 2018