Not-Quite-Nationals Virtual Pool Challenge


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We have missed swimming towards a goal. We have missed challenging ourselves and we have missed competing. As we continue our journey back to the pool, we recognize that the situation for swimmers across the country is uneven. That is why the Not-Quite-Nationals Virtual Challenge has been designed with maximum flexibility. 

All swimmers are welcome to participate. Three week periods are repeated for the rest of the swimming season so that clubs can participate as they gain access to pool time.  Swimmers still training during public swim times are encouraged to participate.

The Not-Quite-Nationals Virtual Challenge allows you to “race” anyone across the country without leaving your pool.  Above all, all COVID-19 protocols must be applied rigorously to keep you save while we look forward to a resumption of in-person competition. 

Please have fun and be safe throughout this Challenge.


Swim when you can.  Swim often. Try to align your swims and the submission of results to the 3 week periods below.

  • November 15—December 5 (results submitted by December 6)
  • December 6—26 (results submitted by December 27)
  • December 27—January 16 (results submitted by January 17)
  • January 17—February 6 (results submitted by February 7)
  • And so on….


Your club swim practice OR Public lane swim.


All Masters aged swimmers are welcome to participate.   You must have reached your 18th birthday on or before the day you swim your Challenge event(s).

CIMS, MSO or MSM registration will be verified against the Registration database.

Swimmers whose club have not returned due to COVID-19 may self-register with MSO, CIMS or CIMS-MSM and complete events, on their own accord, at Public lane swims.

Swimmers not registered will be recorded as Single Event Registrants in the results provided all elements of the results form is completed.


No Fees….  Yes that’s right… NO FEES!


50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 Freestyle
50, 100, 200 Backstroke
50, 100, 200 Breaststroke
50, 100, 200 Butterfly
100, 200, 400, 800 Individual Medley

25 Double-armed backstroke
25 Kick, no flippers & 25 kick with flippers
25 Dolphin dives

The honour system applies to all swims and results submitted.

Each event must be swum separately, i.e., splits will not be accepted for the shorter distances.

All events SHALL start from a push off the wall, i.e., NO starting blocks.

Getting a Time

  • Please try to get times at least to the nearest 10 of a second.
  • Swims during club practices should be timed by a coach or teammate.
  • Swimmers training during public lane swims and who do not have deck support, may self-time their events.

We strongly recommend that club swims be limited to 50s, 100s and 200s until the swimmer has been back to training for at least one month.

Swimmers wishing to 400s and above are encouraged to book public lane swim time until their club is ready to offer those distances during practices.

Events may be swum in a 25 yard, 25 metre, or 50 metre pool.

Please submit your time as swum. We will convert all times to short course metres (SCM) using the Swim Swam Classic Converter  All results will be published as SCM.



The Return to Swimming protocols apply at all times.  Coaches or a club representative must have control of the pool deck and the traffic control.

Ensure 2m physical distancing is maintained at all times, in the water and on the deck. If the facility has marked 2 m distances on deck or in the stands, please use these while awaiting your turn or cheering on your teammates.

Wear masks at all times while on deck.

Stop the Spread! Be cautious about cheering loudly, even while masked. Channel your inner-cheerleader by waiving or clapping your hands, doing your happy dance.  Your teammates will love to see your (muted) enthusiasm and support.

Not all lanes need to be used for the Challenge. The practice may continue in other lanes, especially to allow swimmers to warm up for their timed swim.



This will be low tech!  Remember to submit times as swum, without conversion to SCM.

Swimmer Self-reporting – Use the Google Form

Coach submission for multiple swimmers – Download the Spreadsheet and email it to


Published Results

Click here to reach the Results Page

Results will be published by reporting period, i.e., the swims will not be mixed between reporting periods.


No Awards – just bragging rights and the satisfaction of having done a recorded timed swim during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The evidence will be posted for you to show your great-grandchildren.