OFFICIALS Self-Registration

MSO offers a solid schedule of Masters meets each year, including a three day Championship event which is usually held in March.

We require qualified and experienced officials, and lots of volunteers to make each meet run efficiently.  To assist Meet Managers in finding officials willing to give some time to Masters swimming, MSO is accepting your self-registrations.  MSO charges no fees for officials. Host clubs feed you well.  We all value your contributions.


As with all swimming and coaching participants, volunteer officials are asked to review and sign waivers.  Waivers have been updated to reflect COVID-19.  The signing of waivers is incorporated into the online Registration form below.

  1. Release of Liability
  2. COVID-19 Attestation and Agreement
  3. PIPEDA waiver.
  4. Rowan’s Law Confirmation for Level VI and level V officials will be requested by meet managers from Level IV and Level V officials.  See Rowan’s Law webpage.
  5. By clicking on “I agree” you give permission to be contacted for swim meets.


    Gender (required)

    The MSO insurance policy requires a signed Liability Waiver. In addition, the Canadian Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act requires that consent be obtained prior to the collection and use of all personal information. Please read the WAIVERS listed above before completing your registration and click the box below to indicate that you've read and accept this waiver and give permission to be contacted for swim meets.

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    Please allow several hours for a response.