Ontario Championship Archives

In process of verifying and updating MSO Championship archives. With the new website time is required to change from the old format to the new format.  If you are looking for something not yet posted contact the webmaster.  The list includes a link to the meet packages for  2005 onward.




1976 Alderwood 119 15 Alderwood Teddy Bares (November 13-14) Meet Manager: Ted Roach, OSG Organizing Committee:    Fees: $1 per event, $4 per relay;   47 Women [45-49 to 20-24]; 72 Men [60-64 to 20-24]

Results                             Awards – Gold   Silver

1977 Oakville xxx xx Oakville Masters (June 03-05) Meet Manager  : Organizing Committee :
1978 Burlington xxx xx Burlington Masters (May 12-14) Meet Manager : Organizing Committee :
1979 Oakville 180 28 Oakville Masters (June 08-10) Meet Manager : Organizing Committee :
1980 ???
1981 Etobicoke 199 29 Etobicoke Olympium Masters (April 11-12) Meet Manager : Organizing Committee:
1982 University of Toronto 224 35 North York and Scarborough Masters (March 12-14) Meet Managers : Kay Easun, OSG and Sheila Marsden Organizing Committee :
Treasurer : Henry Kivi Officials : Brian Croker, Grant Jeffrey Awards : Glenda Harvey Computer : Michael Stroud, OSG
Hospitality : Maureen Gilpin Publicity : Peggy Stroud Sponsors : Craig Jobber Consultants : Judie Oliver, Jacqueline Odlum
1983 Nepean 262 36 Nepean Masters (March 04-06) Meet Manager : Joan Taillefer Organizing Committee :
1984 Waterloo 267 29 Region of Waterloo and KW Y (March 23-25 ) Meet Managers : Lynn Hare and Sadie Oesch Organizing Committee :
1985 Pickering 426 55 Pickering Blue Dolphins Masters (March 22-24) Meet Managers : Sue Taylor and Peter Abbink Organizing Committee :
1986 Etobicoke 476 59 Etobicoke Olympium Masters (April 25-27) Meet Manager : Rick Wood Organizing Committee :
1987 Thunder Bay 156 24 Thunder Bay Masters (April 03-05) Meet Manager : Organizing Committee :
1988 Etobicoke – LCM 322 xx Alderwood, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Norseman (July 15-17) Meet Manager : Al Yarnell Organizing Committee :
Drew Agnew, Clare Chapman, Wendy Elliott,Bill Johnson, Rich Malekos, Barrie Malloch,Sue Robertson, Chris Stonelake, Mike Sutton,Rick Wood
1989 University of Toronto xxx xx 7 Up Masters (March 31 – April 02) Meet Manager : Neil Harvey Organizing Committee:
1990 Not Held
1991 Nepean 374 43 Nepean Kanata Swim Club (April 05-07) Meet Manager : George Taillefer Organizing Committee :
1992 Etobicoke xxx xx Etobicoke Olympium Masters Meet Manager : Keith Lobban Organizing Committee : Assistants : Al Cox, Charlie Lane, Sue Robertson Entries : Rick Wood Social : Wendy Lobban Results : Chris Stonelake
1993 Etobicoke 503 67 Master Blasters Swim Club (April 30 – May 02) Meet Manager : Chris Smith Organizing Committee : Assistants : Pennie Pride, John Salt Entries : Terry Bolton, Anne Nicolussi, Colleen Flanagan, Mette Jensen, Colleen Jordan Officials : Peter Terp Social : Claus Koch, Gertraude Koch, Jim McCaw Results : Olga Macel, Yvonne Bolton Reception : Wendy Beregi, Susan Beregi, Alison Rice
1994 Not Held
1995 Nepean 347 46 Nepean Kanata Barracudas and Nepean Masters (April 21-23) Meet Managers : Sue Rate and Don Clinton Organizing Committee :
Registration/Entries: Heather Rink/Mary Asselin Pool Deck/Officials:Kathleen Milne Computer/Heat Sheets/Results:Don Clinton
1996 Etobicoke 567 67 Masters Blasters Swim Club (April 26-28) Meet Manger : Chris Smith Organizing Committee : Assistant : Lois Adams
Entries : Brenda Horvath Food : Claus Koch Bar : Juri Lainevool Communications : Colleen Flanagan, Corrie Powell, Ann Gunther Consultants : Charlie Lane, Michael Stroud, OSG, Pat Pariselli, Rita Maclure
Artwork : Mario Pariselli
1997 Brantford 497 64 East York Hurricanes (May 23-25) Meet Managers : Darlene Brown and Michael Stroud, OSG Organizing Committee :
Heather Davies, Wilma Pidhayny, Peggy Stroud
1998 Etobicoke 517 60 Etobicoke Olympium Masters (Mar 13-15) Meet Manager : Charlie Lane Organizing Committee : John Brett,Barrie Malloch, Margot Wheeler,Karen Gillespie,Sue Robertson,Maria Cherry,Millie Bishop
1999 Not Held
2000 Etobicoke – Canceled on April 5 Due to an Inside Workers Strike in Toronto 508 Hosted by : Etobicoke Olympium Masters (April 07-09) Meet Manager:Tony Aitchison Heat Sheet/Running Meet/Results:North York Aquatics Web Page:Tony Aitchison Registration:Tony Aitchison Officials:John Grootveld
Volunteers:Bryan Gaudet Officials Food: Bryan Gaudet/Kim Lumsdon/Mark Leighton Grazing:Barrie Malloch
Rooms/Equipment:Maggie Dodge/Barrie Malloch Social:Amanda Atkinson Catering: Ian Mac Donald Sponsors/Donations:Bryan Gaudet/Margot Wheeler T-Shirts:Maggie Dodge,Tony Aitchison Treasurer:Andrea Godfrey
2001 Etobicoke 582 73 Hosted by : Ontario Swimming Officials Association (OSOA) (March 30-April 01) Organized by : Chris Smith, John Grootveld and Horst Tietze with assistance from Steve Goodwin, Kim Lumsdon, Dave Share and Charlie Lane Meet Operation : Steve Goodwin, John Grootveld, Charlie Lane, Kim Lumsdon, Ian Macdonald, David Share, Chris Smith, Gerry Thomas, Horst Tietze with assistance from Lois Adams, Brenda Horvath, Barrie Malloch, Mario Pariselli, Anita Pittens, Alison Rice and David Stableforth.
2002 Etobicoke 576 67 Hosted by : Ontario Swimming Officials Association(OSOA) Meet Manager : Horst Tietze Organizing Committee : Lois Adams, Geoff Camp, Les Darvas, Steve Goodwin, John Grootveld, Charlie Lane, Kim Lumsdon, Lee Shimano, Chris Smith
2003 Nepean 467 56 Hosted by : Ontario Swimming Officials Association(OSOA) Meet Manager : Mike Sweny Organizing Committee : Steve Goodwin, Duane Jones, Kathleen Milne, Patricia Niblett, Dave Roza, Chris Smith, Horst Tietze
2004 Etobicoke 601 71 Hosted by : Ontario Swimming Officials Association (OSOA) and BB, DSC, ETOB, MILT, TYMS Meet Manager : Michael Stroud Organizing Committee : Christopher Smith, Charlie Lane, Steve Goodwin, Horst Tietze Sub Committees – Lois Adams, Jeff Ball, Geoff Camp, Laura Goodman (MSO Meet Results system says 85 clubs and 514 swimmers)
2005 Sault Ste. Marie  171 32 Hosted by : Sault Ste. Marie Aquatic Club Meet Manager : Joyce Black assisted by Sally O’Brien Officials : Maxine Smale Social and Registration : Kim Fisher and Committee     MEET PACKAGE LINK
2006 St. Catharines 574 69 Hosted by : Brock Niagara Masters & Brock Niagara Aquatics at Brock Unversity

Meet Manager & Communications : Lisa Matheson Event Manager : Frank Coy Registrations & Records : Carolyn Prebble Meet Referee : Margaret Galbraith Brock U Sports : Adam D’ Intino, Chris Mercanti Brock Niagara Masters : Cory Krist & Scott Gibson Brock Niagara Aquatics : Peter Bradstreet Wineries & other major sponsors : Creekside Estates, Kacaba Winery, Lakeview Cellars, Stoney Ridge, Birchwood and Flat Rock Cellars, RBC Financial, Canadian Tire.  (MSO System has 511 and 75 clubs)   MEET PACKAGE LINK

2007 Sudbury 333 48 Hosted by : Sudbury Laurentian Masters Swim Club at Laurentian University

Meet Manager: Alain Delorme Records : Rob Masih Meet Referee : Brian Gilchrist Administration: Laura Young/Andrea Ford       MEET PACKAGE LINK

2008 Etobicoke 622 69 Hosted by : Aurora Masters Ducks, Etobicoke Olympium Masters Aquatic Club, and Etobicoke Swimming MEET CHAIR: Nancy Black MEET MANAGER: Steve Goodwin MEET REFEREE: Alastair Currie ADMINISTRATION: Charlie Lane ENTRIES: Lois Adams       MEET PACKAGE LINK
2009 Nepean 483 63 Hosted by : Nepean Masters Swim Club at the Nepean Sportsplex

MEET CHAIR: Barry Doucette; MEET MANAGER: Derek Parker; MEET REFEREE: Dave Roza; MEET REGISTRAR: Louise Desjardins     MEET PACKAGE LINK

2010 London 444 60 Hosted by : London Silver Dolphins

Meet Manager: Paul Cappa Records : Rob Masih Meet Referee : Meet Chair: Chuck Grace/Nick Gilbert   MEET PACKAGE LINK

2011 Nepean 503 64 Hosted by : Nepean Masters Swim Club (Supported by Nepean Kanata Barracudas) MEET CHAIR: Barry Doucette; MEET MANAGER: Kevin McFaul; MEET REFEREE: Dave Roza; MEET REGISTRAR: Kevin McFaul                 MEET PACKAGE LINK
2012 Etobicoke Olympium 576 72 Hosted by: Etobicoke Olympium Masters Aquatic Club MEET CHAIR: Mark Hunter; MEET MANAGER: Steve Goodwin;  MEET REFEREE: Alastair Currie;  MEET REGISTRAR: Steve Goodwin (sdg9@rogers.com)     MEET PACKAGE LINK
2013 London 391 56 Hosted by: London Silver Dolphins and Western Mustangs Swimming  at the University of Western Ontario  

MEET CHAIR:Nick Gilbert  MEET LIAISON: Ken Fitzpatrick (Western U.)  MEET MANAGER:Alison Nell  MEET REFEREE: Glenn Greig MEET REGISTRAR:Alison Nell     MEET PACKAGE LINK

2014 Windsor 492 55 Hosted by: Windsor Essex Masters March 28-30, 2014 Windsor International Aquatic and Training Center; 401 Pitt St W., Windsor

MEET CHAIR: Dina Ozols; REFEREE: Denis Eves; TECHNICAL CHAIR: Jason Potma; SOCIAL CHAIR: Clint Cadden                       LINK TO MEET PACKAGE

2015 Etobicoke 613 73 Hosted by: Etobicoke Olympium Masters Aquatic Club April 2-4, 2015 at the Etobicoke Olympium 590 Rathburn Rd, Toronto, ON

Meet Chair: Brian Sheridan; Meet Manager: Steve Goodwin; Meet Referee: Dave Denyer; Registrar: Steve Goodwin


2016 Thornhill 642 65 Hosted by:Thornhill Masters Aquatic Club April 1-3 2016 at the Markham Pan Am Centre Pool  16 Main Street Unionville, ON

Meet Managers: Dieter Gamm, Paul St. Jean; Operations Chair: Amanda Wilkins; Meet Referee Y-Y Wong

2017 Thornhill 653 65  Hosted by: Thornhill Masters Aquatic Club March 24-26, 2017 at the Markham Pan Am Centre Pool  16 Main Street Unionville, ON

Meet Managers: Paul St. Jean, Amanda Wilkins; Operations Chair: Krista Ferlatte; Meet Referee Y-Y Wong

2018 Nepean 445 45 Hosted by: Nepean Masters Swim Club; March 23-25, 2018 at the Nepean Sportsplex, Nepean Ontario

Meet Managers: Dave Schneiderman, Megan Dodge; Meet Referee Yik Hon Yu   Meet Package Link   Draft Results Link

2019 Thornhill 459 46  Hosted by: Thornhill Masters Aquatic Club March 22-24, 2019 at the Markham Pan Am Centre Pool  16 Main Street Unionville, ON

Meet Managers: Amanda Wilkins; Operations Chair: Krista Ferlatte; Meet Referee Y-Y Wong
Meet Package Link   Results (PDF)