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Under the umbrella of Canadian Independent Masters Swimmer (CIMS), Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) and Masters Swimming Manitoba (MSM) joined efforts to prepare the coaching materials and reference links below.  These materials can be used to help plan and enrich practices, and to give swimmers of all abilities good foundations to improve strokes and swimming efficiency.

While continuous learning is strongly encouraged, coaching certification is not required by CIMS,  MSO or MSM.  Links are provided below to organizations offering formal training and certification.


Sincere thanks to Rod Beauprie (MSO) for leading this project and to the following people for contributing their own coaching materials, research, suggestions and ideas.  Don Kennedy, Coco Comtois and Sharon Donnelly (Orleans ORCAS (Ontario)), Paul Boulding (MSM, Boulding Belugas (Manitoba)), and Ian Feldman (Thornhill Masters (Ontario)).


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How to Structure a Practice

Useful Drills (coming soon)

Sample Practice – 2,000 metres – lower intensity
Sample Practice – 2,800 metres – medium intensity
Sample Practice – 3,400 metres – high intensity


Open Water Swimming – Club Guidance






Links to other Coaching Resources and Certification


     Full Coaching program focused on Masters Swimmers

  Coaching Association of Canada                          Canadian Swimming Coaches & Teaching Association

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