Christian Berger’s All Canada Records & Rankings

Most Masters swimmers have heard of the Statsman, Christian Berger.  He started keeping both Quebec and Canadian swimming statistics when he first joined masters swimming in 1981.  He became Quebec’s first statistician in 1982 when they adopted his work as their “official” stats.  Later in 1985, he began compiling the “Canadian stats” following the resignation of Chris Pieczora of Etobicoke.

Over the years Christian has put out an eclectic collection of information about Masters swimming in Canada. He has become the authoritative source for records and rankings, both current and historical. Swimmers turn to Christian’s statistics before any other database.

Christian Berger keeping records on his XP.


****   In December 2018, Christian migrated his statistics to a new webpage, appropriately named WWW.STATSMAN.CA   We are updating to his new weblinks.   ***

A short tour of Christian Berger’s site pages follow.  Don’t expect a lot of explanatory text and titles.

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Start from Christian’s TOP menu

Here you will find links to a wide variety of facts, records, rankings and comments.


This page includes:

Part I – World Records Set or Held by Canadians
Start with WR currently held by Canadians.
This series then reports WR broken by Canadians in each year from the current year back to 1978

Part II – Canadian Records broken during the calendar year (1997 forward).
Records broken multiple times are all reported in these tables.

Part III – Canadian Records by age group and gender as of December 31st (current calendar year minus 1).

Part IV– National Stats Summary – A collection of statistical tidbits like records owned etc.

Canadian Record History (1973-December 31st  current year minus 1)

This history/chronology is updated once a year. It is presented by event, LCM and SCM, Gender and Age Group.

A must read for any trivia games enthusiasts….Follow the chronology of each record from the first person to set it all the way to the current record holder.  If the record was broken 3 times in a given year, each is reported.

Christian tops off this report with an ordered list of persons breaking the most number of Canadian records set.


Top 20 Swims in the current calendar year –

This page tracks the fastest 20 swims by Canadians for each event in the current CALENDAR year.
These are reported for each gender and age group and then by event, LCM and SCM.

Each swim is assigned a score. The Top 20 Individual High Points are determined by adding the point scores earned by each swimmer.

               These statistics change often over the course of the calendar year as more meet results are added.

Top 20 Rankings by calendar year 1997 to current year minus 1

Similar to the current year Top 20, this page reports the Final Top 20 rankings for each calendar year from 1997 onwards.

All Time Top 20 Ranking (1997 to current year minus 1)

Again, similar to the Current and Historical Top 20 Rankings, this page ranks all swims since 1997 by event, LCM and SCM, gender and age group.

The All Time Top 20 Individual High Points are also calculated.

There are some pretty old swims in those lists and it is quite an accomplishment for any swimmer to make it to these lists.

An “explanation” of the Berger’s Scoring.