About MSO

What is Masters Swimming ?

Masters Swimming is an organized programme promoting fitness for adults through the sport of swimming. Swimmers around the world participate at all levels of ability, from swimming for general health and enjoyment, to competition at local, national and international levels.

Who are Masters Swimmers ?

A Masters swimmers is any person 18 years of age or older, with no upper age limit.

Why Masters Swimming ?

Masters Swimming encourages lifelong exercise with tangible benefits to both physical and mental well-being. Regular exercise contributes to good health and swimming is considered by health professionals to be one of the best and safest ways to exercise. It benefits the cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol and has a positive effect on weight control, muscle tone, stress reduction and endurance.

Unlike many other sports, swimming does not involve the purchase of costly equipment or clothing; just a suit, cap and googles and off you go.

Membership in a Masters swim club also provides an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, compete in meets and to travel. Masters Swimming adds fun and friendship to fitness.

How Much Does It Cost ?

There are three cost components: club fees; MSO registration fees; meet entry fees for those who wish to compete.

The cost to join a Masters swim club varies widely depending upon the cost to rent pool time, the number of workouts per week, the number of coaches and the activities and services offered.

Meet entry fees vary; local meets can range from $45 to $65; international meets can cost over $100.

MSO fees are outlined below.


Masters Swimming Ontario provides an insurance program that covers the following participants at organized events:

  • Swimmers who are registered with MSO;
  • Swimmers during a brief trial period
  • Swimmers not otherwise registered with MSO who compete as Single-Event Registrants
  • Coaches, managers, trainers;
  • Elected club officials, volunteers, administrators; and
  • Registered referees, judges and other meet officials.

All activities governed under the Constitution and by-Laws of Masters Swimming Ontario are covered, such as organized practices, swim meets and organized post-meet activities. Note that Open Water Swimming is once again covered in 2018-2019.

Registration and fees
Fees are due and payable in September each year. There is are no partial year refunds nor are fees prorated.

Swimmer may only participate in MSO-sanctioned event if registered with MSO or as a Single-event Registrant, which purchases insurance for that event.

Only clubs registered with MSO may host a MSO-sanctioned event. Club registration forms and procedures are available on our Registration page.

Effective September 1, 2019 Annual Registration Fees are as follows:

1. For the Masters Swim Club – $ 45.00
2. For a swimmer – $ 12.00

Swimmers are usually registered with MSO by their club. Unattached swimmers and in some circumstance club swimmers may also self-register via the links on the How to Join Page

Information concerning registration and annual fees can be obtained from the MSO Registrar by <mailto:”MSOReg@MastersSwimmingOntario.ca”>email or by phone 613-604-8930.
Information concerning registration and annual fees can be obtained from the Registrar.