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Over the years, meet results and records have been published in a variety of formats and locations.  The searchable MSO database contains full meet results from circa 2004 onwards. Prior to that, meet results were put up as a document on one website or another.  Records that predate the MSO database, were added to manually along with a reference to the meet. However, the full meet results are not in the database.  Several years ago, MSO undertook an exercise to extract Ontario swimmers from the meet results and report their swims in the Archives which date back to the 1970s.

This table was created as road sign to where information is housed.  Enjoy exploring it.


Christian Berger’s All Canada Records, Rankings and other information

Guide and links to the Berger tables and pages 1972 onwards Click here for direct links to Berger’s records

Ontario Records Ratified

Ontario Records Ratified 2018-19 2019-Mar 4 Ontario Records 2018-2019
Ontario Records Ratified 2017-18 2018-Sep-13 Ontario Records 2017-2018 FINAL
Ontario Records Ratified 2016-17 2017-Aug-31 Ontario Records 2016-2017 FINAL
Ontario Records Ratified 2015-16 2016-Jul-31 Ontario Records 2015-2016 FINAL

Open Water Swimming (OWS)

OWS Results in Ontario 1982 onwards The Open Water Page

Short Course YARDS (SCY)

All Ontario Meet Results for Ontario swimmers (SCY, SCM, LCM) 1985 onwards MSO Archives  (“Paper” results; complete to 2007 and those not otherwise in the MSO database thereafter)
SCY Meet Results in Ontario 2008 onwards MSO Meet Results, Records & Rankings
SCY Top Ten Swims by Ontarians 2006 onwards MSO Meet Results, Records & Rankings
SCY Records and Records Matrix

Relays and Individual Events

Currently held MSO Meet Results, Records & Rankings

Long and Short Course Metres (LCM & SCM)

Meet Results – Ontario and elsewhere 2005 onwards Meet Results
LCM & SCM Individual Records

Ontario records

Currently Held Individual Records – MSO Database

Select Ontario

Currently Held Relay Records – MSO Database

Fastest Relays in Canada by Christian Berger

LCM & SCM Top 20 Swims in Canada including relays where available 1997 – onwards Berger Top 20 Rankings (Current Year)

Berger Top 20 Ranking  (1997 onwards)


FINA World Masters – Results and Records

2019 FINA Masters – Gwangju, Korea

All Canadian Results


August 2019  Click here to see posted here 
2017 FINA Masters – Budapest

All Ontario Swims and Canadians with Top 10 Finishes


August 2017
2014 FINA Masters – Montreal Canadian Results

Note: We received a Hytek file only for individual swims and relays leads. We did not receive the full relays.

August 2014 Individual Swimmer Results and Relay Splits (MSO database)

2014 FINA Free Relays (X,M,W) – document

2014 FINA Medley Relays (X,W,M) – document

OWS Event – document

FINA World Records Held by Canadians Currently Held Christian Berger’s Records
FINA World Masters Championship Results 1986 onwards FINA Results Page
FINA Masters World Records Currently Held FINA World Record Page