How to Join

Masters Swimming is not all about competition. It is a means to stay active, recreate, and enjoy new and life-long friendships.


Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) is an independent organization for adult swimmers.

Any person in Canada 18 years of age or older, with no upper age limit, is welcome to participate in masters swimming.

The swimming season starts on September 1st each year and ends August 31st.

In 2017-2018, MSO began operating a fully insured, adult swim league independent of Swim Canada (SNC).  The emphasis is on the fitness and social side of adult swimming, and developing programs to help clubs achieve the original vision of master swimming – Fun, Fitness and Friendship through Swimming.

In September 2019, Canadian Independent Masters Swimming  partnered with MSO and is using MSO’s office systems to provide program, registration and administrative services to clubs and swimmers outside of Ontario.   The Swimmer Self-Registration process below, can be used by all swimmers, CIMS, MSO or Masters Swimming Manitoba (MSM).

Swim meets will be offered and approved/sanctioned by CIMS & MSO.  Masters swimming rules will apply. These events will be open to ANY person aged 18 or older. Swimmers not registered with CIMS or MSO, will be assessed a Single-event Registration fee to purchase MSO insurance ($7.50 for small meets; $15.00 for Provincials).

Results and records will be recorded for all swimmers and uploaded in the Results Database. These results are independent of those held by SNC.

NOTE: All swim meet registrations are done online. You must be able to sign-in to the system using your email and password.  If you have previously unsubscribed from MSO emails, you will not be able to set or re-set a password.  You can re-subscribe at this list. <<<Subscribe or Re-subscribe>>>


Questions?  We have prepared a number of Q&As to help you.  You can also direct your questions to the MSO Registrar at


Swimmer Self-Registration

If you are training on your own but would like to attend CIMS / MSO-sanctioned swim meets, you can register as an unattached swimmer. Your swimmer registration number is proof of insurance for any swim meet organized and approved/sanctioned under the CIM – MSO umbrella.

Swimmers whose club have chosen not to affiliate with CIMS or MSO, may self-register as an unattached swimmer.

Some clubs have affiliated with MSO but allow their swimmers to self-register under their club name. Please indicate your club on the registration form.

Unattached swimmers become members of a club called The Ontario Masters Swimmers (TOMS). Please use this club name and club code when registering for any swimming event.

CIMS/MSO is an inclusive organization and accepts membership registrations for swimmers who do not identify as male or female.  All registration forms now include “other” as a gender category.  The technical aspects of a 3rd gender category for swimming competition is under review.


2022-2023 Fees – $15.00;  $18.00  Manitoba

Your registration fee is valid September 1 to August 31st each year.  There is no discount for part-year registration.


Waivers have been updated to reflect COVID-19.  The signing of waivers is incorporated into the online Registration form below.

  1. Release of Liability
  2. PIPEDA waiver.


!!!!!   If you are under the age of 26 years, Rowan’s Law on Concussion Safety requires that you submit, as a condition of registration, a signed confirmation that you have reviewed concision awareness resources.  A reader friendly booklet is available. Please review the materials, complete the Swimmer Form and submit it to  Self-registrants may submit an e-version of the Swimmer FormMSO cannot legally register you without this step.  !!!!!!


1. Register and pay via PayPal/Credit           MSO & CIMS Swimmers               Manitoba Swimmers
2. Register online and pay by Interac e-transfer to   MSO & CIMS Swimmers               Manitoba Swimmers
3. Register and pay by mail using one of these forms  —>  MSO Form            CIMS/MSM Form.

Please allow about 6-12 hours for the registration to be processed. It is done manually once forms and payments are received.

Local Swim Clubs

Swim clubs provide organized training programs for swimmers. You can meet people, learn swim technique and improve your fitness. MSO provides insurance and swim meet management support for local clubs. If you are looking for a group to swim with, check out the Swim Clubs Tab on our website.  Information is provided on pool locations, swim times, and club contact emails. You can contact the club registrar or show up at the pool!

See you in the pool!

Updated  August 12, 2022