The MEGAmetre Tracker




Why track your workouts?

It’s fun!!!!

Supports setting realistic goals and tracking progress

Incentive to hit the water when the spirit is wavering

Discover patterns – peaks and troughs that help understand performance and trace injuries

Club spirit – YOU MATTER; YOUR METRES MATTER – no matter the quantity, every metre contributes to your club’s monthly total.


Click here to view a public MEGAmetre summary along side the records and rankings.





Rules, Rules, Rules

The MEGAmetre Tracker is primarily a personal fitness log. Only you know the accuracy of your entries.  Club statistics help to promote participation. They also allow for a little inter-club rivalry.


  • All Swimmers of masters age 18+ years
  • You must sign into the database to enter your metres, i.e., User ID (email address) and password —> LINK to SIGN IN Page
  • Anyone can track their metres but only registered swimmers are entitled to receive milestone awards.

Entering Distance

  • All entries must be in metres with no decimals
  • For yard pools 1 yard = 0.9144 metres and round up or down to the nearest metre.
  • Use your GPS watch for OWS swims, rounded to the nearest metre.
  • Enter only daily entries; avoid entering the total distance for a week or month as it skews the average metres per workout.
  • The maximum daily entry is 20,000 metres to accommodate long OWS races and training.
  • Use the comment field to give context to your workout. Whining is permitted.


  • The MEGAmetre Tracker accepts log entries from September 1, 2017 to the current day.
  • You may TRANSFER IN the total metres from another tracking tool. This is intended to be a ONE‑TIME transfer in.
  • Only milestones reached while tracking in MEGAmetre since September 1, 2017 are eligible for recognition awards.

Example 1 – Your ONE TIME transfer in is 1,900K metres. You reached the 2 million in October 2017 while using the MEGAmetre Tracker. You will be eligible for the 2 million metre recognition award.

Example 2 – Your ONE TIME transfer in is 2,100K metres in February 2018. You are NOT eligible for the 2 million metre recognition award since you did not reach that milestone while using the MEGAmetre Tracker.


Milestones for Recognition Awards

Swim caps will be awarded at 100K, 250K, 500K, 1 million, 2 million, 5 million, 7.5 million, 10 million, 15, million, 20 million and so on

Swimmers reaching a milestone and wishing to claim a Recognition Award must inform the MEGAmetre Coordinator at

Recognition Awards will be mailed periodically to the club for distribution to their swimmers.


We have a solid history of tracking metres – READ ABOUT IT.