MSO Rules of Competition

MSO’s Rule Book

The 2013-2017 Rule Book was developed and maintained by the Rules Committee of Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) and contained Canadian variations or interpretations of FINA rules.  In 2017, MSC abandoned its Rule Book and opted to refer only to the FINA Rules, which are aimed at Olympic , international  and World Championship swimming.

MSO is reviewing the Rules of Competition chapter by chapter with a focus on Masters swimming in Ontario. Masters swimming rules have always been kept closely aligned with Swim Canada rules and MSO will continue to do so.

The 2013-2017 MSC Rule Book is published here and the chapters will be replaced by the 2019 MSO rules as they are completed and approved.


Individual Rule Book Chapters

2013-2017 Rules – Front Pages – updated 2017-12-26

2013-2017 Rules – General – updated 2013-12-16

2013-2017 Rules – Swimming- updated 2017-12-26

Swimming update 2017 includes minor FINA/SNC changes to the breaststroke and backstroke rules of November 2014.

2013-2017 Rules – OWS –  updated 2013-12-16

2019 MSO Rules – App-A- Facility – updated 2019-02-24   UPDATED -SEE DIVING CHANGES BELOW!!!!

New diving rules (CFR2.3.1) as below; addition of Yard pools (OMFR 2); Lane width rules updated (CFR 2.5.1 and 2.5.2)

2013-2017 Rules – App-B- Referee – updated 2013-12-16

2013-2017 Rules – App-C- Differences – updated 2013-12-16

2013-2017 Rules – App-D-DQ Wording – updated 2013-12-16

2013-2017 Rules – App-E- Record Form- updated 2017-09-15

MSO WARM-UP RULES – updated 2017-12-26 (PDF version)

MSO WARM-UP RULES – updated 2017-12-26 (WORD version for insertion into meet package)



Swimmers who attended MSO 2018 Provincials, showed patience and flexibility when the meet suddenly changed from a double-ended to a single-ended format.  The change was the result of the City’s risk assessment that resulted in the elimination of diving in the shallow end.  In September 2018 Swim Canada issued revised pool depth Guidelines and communications for both competition and training (Refer to Swim Canada’s statements and communications).

Diving for both Competition and Training

Water Depth  
Less than 1.2m No Diving; in water starts only (no change from previous rules)
1.2 m to 1.35 m Diving from permanent deck or bulkhead where height is not more than 0.35m from water surface.
1.35 m (equal to or great than) Diving from Starting Platform (max 0.75m from water surface as per FR 2.7)